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NM Catholic Bishops Oppose RTW
Mar 10, 2015

The New Mexico Conference of Catholic Bishops has sent the following letter today. 

March 10, 2015

The Bishops of New Mexico oppose SB183 and HB75 “Right to Work” legislation. It is important for all Catholics to understand how Right to Work laws hurt workers and families and contradicts our Churches social teachings on the dignity of work and the rights of workers. At first glance Right to Work sounds like a law that protects workers’ rights. “Why shouldn’t I be able to work without an obligation to my job sector’s union? It’s my right not to pay unions to negotiate the contract – I don’t belong to the union and it’s my money.” Sadly, this attitude reflects our increasingly individualistic society where one privileges his rights above the common good. Not only does Right to Work fracture the sense of solidarity among workers that unions help foster, it also can put employees’ basic rights and protections into peril.

There is a good reason why Pope Leo XIII declared over 120 years ago that, “the most important of all (workplace associations and organizations) are working men’s unions.” (on the condition of labor, No. 49). In Right to Work states the union’s ability to collect dues from all workers to cover the cost of a contract negotiation ends up impacting workers and their families across the employment sector, both public and private, union and nonunion. Benedict XVI observed in Caritas in Veritate, unions are experiencing “great difficulty in carrying out their tasks of representing the interest of workers, partly because governments often limit the freedom or negotiating capacity of labor unions.” He also declared that, “the repeated calls issued within the Churches social doctrine for the promotion of workers’ associations that can defend workers’ rights must be honored today even more than in the past.” (No. 5). As Catholics it is our duty to go forth and proclaim our Churches teachings to all.

On behalf of the Catholic Bishops of New Mexico.

Allen Sánchez

Executive Director

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UPS Contract Negotiation Updates

We will update this UPS Contact Updates Page As soon As Info Comes In. Each picture is a link to the specific date of the update

Teamster Retires After 45 Years With The Same Company

Congratulations to Brother Tony Vargas, a fellow Teamster who has retired after nearly 45 years! Brother Vargas joined and has been working as a Teamster since April 17th 1978. Although the company he worked for has changed its name four times due to buyouts and/or mergers, etc.

Yellow Request Contract Reopener (Updated 4/30/23)

Updated IBT Response to Yellow Freight's Request for Contract Reopener. Below is a letter from John A. Murphy, IBT Director, Teamsters Freight to all Yellow Freight employees regarding the ongoing "change of Operations" verses opening the contract: 
Download: YellowIBTReopener2023April.pdf

Yellow PT Bonus and Cola 2023

Yellow Corp -NMFA Article 33, Sec. 4 - COLA A COLA increase effective April 1, 2023, is calculated as follows. The contract specifies a one (1) cent per hour and one-fourth (0.25) mills per mile increase for every two-tenths (0.2) point increase in the CPI-W Index in excess of 3.5% and at least totaling $0.05. Reaching an Index level of 293.565 in January 2023, the Index increased 7.

ABF 2023 Profit Sharing Hits 3% of Gross Wages

ABF announced on 2/3/2023 that it had achieved an 87.3% operating ratio* for 2022. As a result, the profit-sharing provisions of the 2018-23 ABF NMFA have been triggered once again.

Volunteers Needed For 2023 NMTAD

Volunteers Needed For 2023 NMTAD Teamsters Local 492 will be celebrating our annual NM Teamster Appreciation Day on Saturday September 23rd, 2023. We are looking for volunteers to help with the event. If anyone is interested in helping out, please contact Joseph Carrillo via email at jcteamster492@gmail.

Scholarship Available to NM 492 Teamsters Kids

California Teamsters Hispanic Caucus Scholarship Available to NM 492 Teamsters Application Due Date: June 30, 2023 The California Teamsters Hispanic Caucus will award scholarships to deserving high school seniors this year who are a daughter or son of an active Teamster whose dues are current and are attending or have been accepted by an accredited university, college, or trade school.
Download: Scholarship_application_Fill-in.pdf

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