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Yellow/Teamster Negotiations Update 7/25/2023
Jul 25, 2023

7/25/2023 - As you know, Yellow Corp. determined at a board of directors meeting on July 7, 2023, that its operating companies under the NMFA would not make the required health and welfare and pension contributions to six different benefit funds. Specifically, the Central States Health and Welfare and Pension Funds; the Central Pennsylvania Funds and the Western Conference Funds. The Central States Funds declared an official delinquency resulting in the loss of health coverage and pension accruals effective July 23. The affected Local Unions sent “72-hour” notices in accordance with the parties’ agreement that a strike would occur against the delinquent companies in the Central States Funds as early as 12:01 a.m. Monday, July 24.

On Sunday, July 23, Yellow CEO Darren Hawkins called General President O’Brien and asked if the parties could meet to try to resolve their differences and work together to secure additional financing to avert a shutdown of its operations resulting from its over-extended debt. General President O’Brien agreed and instructed the Teamsters National Freight Industry Negotiating Committee leaders to get to Washington immediately. Meanwhile, General President O’Brien and General Secretary-Treasurer Zuckerman contacted the Central States Health and Welfare Fund to discuss the situation.

As a result of those discussions, the Central States Health and Welfare Fund extended coverage for the members and YRC Freight and Holland for 30 days, while the parties attempt to resolve their issues. Starting Sunday evening and going nearly around the clock, the Union team worked at the IBT and met with Yellow’s leadership (who participated by ZOOM) to come up with a long-term plan that Yellow could show to lenders that would allow Yellow to obtain financing and restructure its debt. Both sides approached the meetings with an objective of agreeing on terms that would enable Yellow to accomplish its “One Yellow” vision while protecting and fairly compensating the members. The meetings have been difficult. Just before Midnight on Monday, July 24, the Union provided Yellow a bottom-line proposal containing work rules and economic terms enabling Yellow to seek the necessary financing. The Union’s bottom-line proposal included the $11.00 dollar package that Yellow has been telling the Union and its members would be available if the Union sat down with Yellow’s leadership to jointly work on a solution to its debt crisis. Yellow rejected the Union’s proposal earlier today and provided the Union with a proposal that was less than what it had told the Union and the members as recently as late as last week would be available. The Union rejected Yellow’s counter and, early this afternoon, reiterated that its prior, bottom-line term-sheet was its bottom line. Yellow has not yet responded to the Union.

The Union stands ready to work with and assist Yellow in its effort to secure financing to avert a shutdown provided Yellow agrees to TNFINC’s proposal. While we await Yellow’s response, we ask that you remain the professionals that you are famous for. We will keep you informed of developments as they arise.

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New Mexico Teamsters Win at NMTDC 2024

New Mexico Teamsters Win at NMTDC 2024 On May 18, 2024, New Mexico Teamsters converged from all over the state to compete in the New Mexico Truck Driving Championship. Held at the Isleta Casino, the decades-old event encourages dedicated drivers, spread among 9 divisions, to test their skills among 98 fellow competitors for the title of State Champion in their division.

2024 California Teamsters Hispanic Caucus Scholarship Applications NOW AVAILABLE

The California Teamsters Hispanic Caucus is proud to offer its 2024 Scholarship.  The California Teamsters Hispanic Caucus Scholarship digital fill-in form application can be downloaded by Clicking the "read more" button, or a paper copy can be picked up in person at the Union Hall.  The instructions, requirements, and deadline to submit the application are detailed on the application form.
Download: California Teamsters Hispanic Caucus Scholarship digital fill-in form.pdf

Yellow Corporation Bankruptcy Update Regarding Member WARN Act Claims

4/18/2024 - The following is a message from John A. Murphy, IBT National Freight Director and Co-Chair, TNFINC: Re: Yellow Corporation Bankruptcy Update Regarding Member WARN Act Claims TO ALL LOCAL UNIONS HAVING MEMBERS EMPLOYED OR FORMERLY EMPLOYED BY YELLOW CORPORATION AFFILIATES I.

Teamsters Local 492 Wins Historic Grievance Against Sysco for Members

4/16/2024- It is with great pleasure that I can report to all our members, that Teamsters Local 492 has won a hard-fought grievance for our Sysco brothers and sisters! On April 03, 2020, a grievance was filed to enforce the forty-hour language in our contract.  This grievance was filed during the Walter Maestas administration, in the early stages of Covid-19.

Teamsters 492 Organizing Victory in NM at Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits

On behalf of Teamsters Local 492, I would personally like to congratulate all of the workers at Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits in this Local's jurisdiction, which includes warehouse workers, loaders, drivers as well as hostlers/yard jockeys.

TForce Freight – Article 44 Rail & Subcontracting Update

TForce Freight – Article 44 Rail & Subcontracting Update The IBT has reviewed the monthly filing by TForce Freight to TNFINC and pursuant to the requirements of the 2023-2028 National Master TForce Freight Agreement’s Article 44. TForce Freight’s for the month of January 2024 was 43.44%, which is under the 45.8% limit as of January 31, 2024.

Correction: Notice of 492 Contact Info

Correction: Notice of 492 Contact Info 1/26/2024- Recently, an email was sent out with incorrect information regarding contact info for our 492 bookkeeper who handles Dues, Life with Dues, and Pension appointments, Monique Montoya. Her correct 492 office phone number is 505-344-1925 Ex. 12.

WCTPT Summary Plan Booklet 2023 Now Available

The Updated Western Conference of Teamsters Pension Trust Summary Plan Booklet 2023 is Now Available in PDF Form. Also, building on the strong investment results of 2023, the Trustees of the Western Conference of Teamsters Pension Trust have approved major benefit improvements.
Download: WCTPT_Summary_Plan_Booklet_2023.pdf

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